Monday, December 5, 2011

Feliciano: "It was the worst game of my career in Davis Cup"

Feliciano Lopez was killed after falling clearly in the dual against Argentina. The Toledo acknowledged having experienced one of the "worst games of his career Davis Cup."

"It was one of those days where I would disappear. I did not feel comfortable, or removing or subtracting. In addition, I've been slow on the network. Perhaps it was the worst game of my career in Davis Cup. But Austin thanks to the point we are here and that comforts me. I can not martyred. You have to trust Rafa and David, and thanks to them we can lift the Davis Cup, "he said.

The Spanish did not want to delve into defeat. "You try to point to Spain and the things I have not gone as expected. It was a shame. But I have a clear conscience because we have done everything to get my best and today things have not been given," he said.

Feliciano, the mood on the floor, hinted at a possible withdrawal of the Davis Cup. "Next year is Olympic Games and I have to ask whether I'm in the Davis Cup or not. Do not know if Albert will follow. The double is not easy, if we stay together, we'll play, but honestly it will be difficult," said. Fernando Verdasco At that time asked for a round of applause at a press conference for a totally destroyed Feliciano.


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