Friday, December 9, 2011

'Superman' Howard gives the Lakers pumpkins and decide on the Nets

The Lakers received two consecutive setbacks in their attempts to get the signings Chris Paul (Hornets) and Dwight "Superman" Howard after the first transfer was vetoed by the NBA and the second has asked the Magic send it to the Nets.

When it appeared that the preferred destination of Dwight Howard would be the Lakers, as happened with his predecessor in the Magic, the legendary Shaquille O'Neal, 'Superman' again surprised when choosing a team of the Eastern Conference.

The representatives of Howard and the Nets reported to present an offer to Magic allows the progress of their franchise player, that next season becomes a free agent.

What we also know the directors of the Magic is that Howard will not sign any contract renewal.

It is expected that later this week the transfer may be defined as Howard, in principle, does not plan to attend the team's training camp which opens on Friday, after it was ratified the new collective agreement by the owners and the players.

According to the ESPN television network, the Nets could have prepared a package to offer Magic which includes the Cuban-American power forward Brook Lopez, and two selections from the first round pick to get university has rights Rockets' previous transfers.

The Nets also could keep Hedo Turkoglu and his contract for three years and $ 34 million.

Howard's desire is to go to the Nets to play alongside Deron Williams and to launch the new area of ​​Brooklyn (New York) when starting the 2012-13 season.

Williams, who last winter called for the transfer of the Utah Jazz to reach the Nets, has spoken several times with Howard about the possibility of playing together on the same computer.


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