Friday, December 9, 2011

The grain output NBA Pau Gasol of the Lakers for the league not to unbalance

The same night that the owners and players ratified the agreement with individual ratings for the signing of new collective agreement, the NBA also announced that it disapproved of the agreed transfer Lakers and Hornets Chris Paul who commanded a return to Los Angeles Pau Gasol (which the Hornets wanted to send to the Rockets) and Lamar Odom.

After becoming the great news of Thursday afternoon, the agreement between the Hornets and the Lakers led a massive protest of the majority of team owners who asked the NBA commissioner, David Stern, intervene in what they considered an abuse of power by the Lakers.

More when the Hornets are a team that belongs to the NBA all-property-owners, after buying it in December 2010 the former owner George Shinn for the franchise out of New Orleans.

While NBA spokesman Mike Bass, denied that the owners had "blocked" the agreement between the Lakers and Hornets, it was never discussed at the meeting of governors, did admit that the cancellation of this was due to " basketball. "

However, the dilemma is that the new agreement has been exposed by not ensuring the competitiveness call equality Stern had claimed when defending the new economic model that wants to get the NBA.

Paul, who did not want to go in New Orleans at the conclusion of this season, will remain as a free agent and if it is passed, the Hornets will not receive anything in return and will lose their franchise player.


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