Monday, December 5, 2011

Fisichella: "Alonso is the best Formula One driver active"

The Formula One Italian driver Giancarlo Fisichella said at the International Motor Show of Bologna (northern Italy) "Fernando Alonso is the best of all active pilots."

Fisichella, 38, a third driver and Ferrari tester, answered questions from journalists and fans in the flag of "La Gazzetta dello Sport" from the International Motor Show of Bologna, which takes place these days in the Italian city, referred today as the sports daily.

"My (pilot) favorite is (Brazilian) Aytor Senna (who died just in Bologna, after an accident in the Grand Prix at Imola in 1994). Fernando Alonso, whom I know from my time at Renault, is the best of all that are active, "he said.

The pilot also praised Germany's Michael Schumacher "who has written pages in the history of Formula One" and said "looks good" to the Germanic-Finnish youngster Nico Rosberg.

Fisichella was convinced that a return to the automotive elite of the Finn Kimi Raikkonen, retired in 2009 but announced on November 29 her return, "is tiring because Formula One does not forgive those who turn away a couple of years."

The champion in this season of "Le Mans Series' drivers' and 'Le Mans Intercontinental", also spoke of the future and hopes to "win back" this prestigious tournament.

"I will focus also on the '24 Hours of Le Mans', this year I missed a trivial problem," he said.

A mechanical problem prevented Ford and Renault expiloto win this year's '24 Hours', where he finished second.


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