Monday, December 5, 2011

Mourinho: "Di Maria has demonstrated why it is in the Real Madrid"

Jose Mourinho said Angel Di Maria proved to Sporting why part of this team which, in his opinion, "has much to offer and a lot of power to evolve." A ball stolen by Di Maria allowed Real Madrid ahead on 34 minutes a game in which, according to coach Real Madrid in the first half did little to put goal, but in the second half left to see the difference between the two equipment.

"Di Maria, when space is also dangerous and against each one and that character was demonstrated by stealing the ball that was the first goal, which was key to the further development of the game," he said. He added that perhaps many people do not know exactly why Di Maria came to Real Madrid, but he knew him and knew "that has a lot to offer and much power to evolve." I also love its simplicity, "he said before to ensure that the midfield did a very good job in Gijón.

For Mourinho, the team is "playing well and winning in different ways: some quality games, another for the delivery of the players and other counter-based." He acknowledged that Real Madrid and Sporting are two teams' potential and different objectives ", but he has a human material from which no rival on Saturday.

In any case, said "playing in the Molinón always difficult" because the Sporting has a "good organization and a very good general aggressiveness." Asked about the difference in points with Barcelona said in a competition like the Spanish league, which is very demanding, there are no irreconcilable differences and is not like other leagues where there are teams that always win.


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