Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The changing role of the "players lift '

It is not easy to succeed in a large, even for players who have the conditions necessary to achieve it. Adapting to another culture, language, Mr confidence, one's attitude or just luck, can truncate the career of a player that the heat of the spotlight recently, in many cases, to undermine their performance after excelled in a modest. Some stay in the attempt, while others decide to seek a favorable outcome to recover the lost credit.

The Spanish Bojan, Gourcuff, Podolski, Hultelaar and Giovinco are some examples of this theory. The French case is very representative Gourcuff. The young midfielder signed for Olympique glamorous curdle AC Milan after three fantastic years at Rennes. Despite a promising start, the Morbihan not work in the famous square and had to seek accommodation in Bordeaux, where he won the league and was one of the most important players of all Bordeaux. Today is one of the stars of Olympique Lyon.

A similar case is what happened to Bojan. The Barça squad did not come true in a modest, although it did in all ranks of FC Barcelona, ​​and even went to flash the first team during the season Rijkaard. With Guardiola dwarfed his role so he packed his bags for Rome, where it seems to be regaining the level of the best evenings at the Camp Nou.

A long list
Something similar happened to Giovinco and Podolski. The first came after the Juventus half love Italy with a fantastic season at Empoli. It took the leap to assimilate large, so that had to sign for Parma to re-key feel. Now also has won the international rating after his appearances for his country. Podolski, meanwhile, looked to Germany as he left a bittersweet at Bayern. The Pole has had to return to Cologne, the club he left to play with the Bavarians, to regain their self-esteem and relevance.

Klaas Huntelaar's situation is even more bizarre. Despite breaking records in the Eredivisie, the striker did not quite convince in his brief experience in Real Madrid and Milan, so they decided to lower their aspirations signed for Schalke Raul. They have returned the hunter license. Did you press? A lack of confidence? Lucky? There are several reasons that can unite these players have to press the down button in the elevator to smile again.


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