Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Messi: "A win against Real Madrid would be a blow to morale"

FC Barcelona striker Lionel Messi said the possibility of "a stroke of mind for the rest of the year" at Real Madrid if your computer gets a "good result" in the 'classic' next Saturday, while it has expressed his satisfaction for being a finalist for the 'Golden Ball' although most will "matters is that the team win games and titles."

"It will be a very nice game. Obviously, it is very important to get a good result, and if that happens it will be a blow to morale for the rest of the year. If the opposite happens, we will not have time to relax because it is the trip to Japan, which is very important to us, "said Messi, on the match against Real Madrid, in an interview to ''.

Regarding the tactical picture used at the Bernabeu Pep Guardiola, the 'Flea' recalled that the "3-4-3 means having more people in the midfield which is what the coach wants to try to get the ball more." In this sense, the club are convinced that "possession is the key to do harm and not to do" so that "having an extra man in midfield allows it to be easier."

The strength of the club, the experience

To Messi, one of the weapons of his team in the 'classic' next Saturday will be the joint cumulative experience. "We already know much of the Barcelona players. Long ago we played together and practically know where the ball will go two or three passes in advance," he analyzed.

Regarding Guardiola, Argentina explained that his "conduct is essential, not only on the day to day but on how to prepare the parties" to keep players' motivated the most "important qualities as well as his" attention to details "that marked" a big difference. "

"For example, when he arrived decided we started to eat at the club, that doctors were more aware of us and control us, as well as the physio. That was a big difference and has made us much stronger individually and together, he said.

Flattered by the Golden Ball

Moreover, this Monday has been known that the Argentine chooses her third Golden Ball '. "As I always, it is nice to receive individual awards and all this that is very important, very prestigious, but what interests me most is the team to win games and titles," explained the matter.

Just the next trophy this month could reach if the club fulfills its role of favorite in the Club World Cup, Messi faces with "eager to revive and to celebrate the same way." "The responsibility we always win," he warned in order to "an important event" in Asian lands.

"I think we have time to adapt. Let a few days before, we used to, especially me, for travel to Argentina and South America, so there should be no problem. We know our capabilities and how far we get on the court. True that many parties, it is never easy to play as often and do it at the highest level, "he said.


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