Friday, December 9, 2011

What Pau had been found in the Houston Rockets?

The future of Pau Gasol has been about to start seeing a new challenge in his long career as an international basketball star. A sport and a system that had led to a player who has won two NBA ring and has been champion of the world and Europe had, in his 31 years, a new outlook ahead, completely different from what has lived since arrival in Los Angeles in 2008. Three years later, before the mediation of Pau Stern returned to the stage of reconstruction. The Houston Rockets have two years without dispute the 'playoffs 'and ended last season with 43 ​​victories. Time for changes so drastically as to a possible dismantling of its workforce to qualify for something else. And there came Pau ... until David Stern has put the parking brake. Whatever happens now, the Rockets continue to seek reconstruction. Of course, without Pau Gasol.

Would it be a good destination for Pau?
sports, the Houston Rockets have a complicated picture for the next season. In the short term, the template does not seem to give much more and the rumors say that Kevin McHale does not have several of his players. Reason enough for Pau Gasol had preferred a different destination in case of leaving the Lakers. Do you positive? It is a team with chances of salary range available in this market and that the Rockets are a franchise with tradition, history and market. From there, the rest is fantasy and made ​​to leave the Lakers, the Rockets were far from one of the most attractive sports destination.

Which players have the Houston Rockets on staff?
's Farewell Scola and Kevin Martin and the arrival of Pau Gasol had a revolution brutal template for the Rockets. The current scenario that would have raised serious Pau, in sports, the less complicated.

At point guard, always waiting for more movement-that-be the Rockets have two players under contract in force. One is Kyle Lowry , an old acquaintance of Pau in the Grizzlies last season and served as the Rockets starting point guard. He started 71 games, averaged 13.5 points and 6.7 assists and has a three-year contract at a rate of over 5 million dollars annually. His deputy is Jonny Flynn , drafted by Minnesota in the same year that Ricky Rubio and with one year guaranteed contract. Comes from averaging just 5 points per game and collects $ 3.4 million.

On the outside, external rotation is completed by Chase Budinger (9.8 points per game, $ 800k), Courtney Lee (2.2 million to 8 points on average) and Terrence Williams (2.3 million). Three young players, with room for improvement but no guarantees for the future. Budinger is one of the bets of the Rockets and possibly the most interesting player on the current staffing of the Rockets, while Courtney Lee did not meet expectations last season that resulted in the Magic and Nets. With them, another rookie, Chandler Parsons and of course now Kevin Martin.

Inside, the outlook does not improve. The interiors of today, are Jordan Hill (2.8 million and 5.6 points), Patrick Patterson (2 million and 6 points), Hasheem Thabeet (5 million and only 4 minutes with the Rockets last season) and the newly drafted Marcus Morris . There had emerged the figure of Pau Gasol and there emerges the figure of a Luis Scola that after being out, "returns" to the Rockets. What assets have the Rockets? Releasing Scola and Kevin Martin, the Rockets have received outside wage to move in this free agent market opens express that tonight, but would have to reserve and use the amnesty to be eligible for another superstar. Their decisions these days will be crucial to plan for next season. They also have NBA rights Sergio Llull and promising Lithuanian power forward Donatas Motiejunas.


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