Wednesday, December 7, 2011

X-Files: Ze Castro

What Zé Castro starts to become an X-File The Portuguese player had to re-order the change in the match against Valladolid to notice that you loaded the hamstrings of the left leg.

It is not the first time this happens this season. In fact, the Luso player so complete has only been able to play a game so far in league championship. It was before the Hercules, the Riazor stadium. And it was on 4 September.

Since then, Zé Castro went home four times, and all had to leave the pitch before the end of the shock by physical problems. It happened in Copa del Rey against Alcoyano, and in front of the Guadalajara League Week 7, and also in the last two games against Almeria and Valladolid.

These are not serious injuries. They are just cramps that keep you from playing again. Zé Castro has admitted he does not know the reason for these setbacks, but prefers to be replaced if it upsets rather than force, because it considers detrimental to the team not being in perfect condition.
The services Doctors also do not know where they came from his physical problems. The player tries to explain its lack of continuity in recent years, but it is not hundred percent sure.


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