Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Xavi: "I guess this year we will play Real Madrid face to face"

Xavi Hernandez conveyed the happiness of the Barca dressing room after the return of Tito Villanova 's practice at Barcelona. Barca midfielder said in a news conference it was "the best news possible," as well as "extra motivation" facing the clash at the Bernabeu.

"Tito is a positive kind, humble and has given us an excellent talk. This is great news, a great surprise to us all," said Xavi.

The brain of Barcelona and Madrid acknowledged that this selection is the most feared of recent years, but also insisted that nothing happens in the Bernabeu is final: "In the last three or four years is coming to Classic better, but I remember as once we were 21 points behind Madrid and almost beat them at the Bernabeu. The Classics have nothing to do with the classification or with each other as they arrive. For us it would be a turning point win there. "

If you had to choose, rather than Madrid Xavi posed a courageous game. "I like to play an open game, which saw the potential of both teams. But I do not decide, or on one side or the other"

"Last year I was critical of Madrid as the parties raised against us, but I guess this time it was seen in the Super Cup, will want to play us one on one, pressing up ... not like last season" he said.

A collation of this, Xavi insisted that the crash is expected that after only sports-related talk. "In the last Classic has spoken over refereeing decisions, kick ... and that's unfortunate for football."

Happy for the quarry
as squad, Xavi is authorized to speak in first person what a kid feels when he jumps for the first time at Camp Nou. So, too, was the first surprised by the level on Tuesday showed the team players against BATE in the Champions League.

"I would like to be on the lawn yesterday. It's wonderful quarry we have and the commitment to coach them. Everyone had a great time: they, the public, the players do not play ... You see them a natural different, better, when we had those who went before, "said Xavi.


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