Friday, December 9, 2011

Carmelo Ezpeleta says the Jerez GP held in April 2012

"I was quite clear they were going to save GP at Jerez, but to make much noise on Twitter we have to clarify things Forza Twitter!». U.S. journalist Dennis Noyes seemed satisfied yesterday after calling into question the conclusion of the Grand Prix motorcycle Spain held at the Circuit de Jerez. The future collaborator Tele5 alerted the social network Twitter that possibility and the media took it for granted that the economic problems of the Jerez track in bankruptcy for a debt of up to 45 million euros, and the delay in time to put on sale tickets for the event, would endanger an event from Dorna, to Luciano Alonso, Minister of Tourism, Trade and Sport of the Junta of Andalusia, or the actual mayor of Jerez, María José García-Pelayo, already been given as security.

Fuss was mounted in the hours of yesterday, the city of Jerez had to inform the media that quote 'biker', scheduled for April 2012 will take place. Garcia-Pelayo even had to contact Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, the company organizing the World Championship, he made it clear that the Grand Prix, including the schedule for next season, will take place. A story that relieves much of the motorcycling fans, who even created a 'hashtag' or tag on Twitter (# GPjerez2012si) to support the appointment of Jerez.


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