Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blake Griffin appeals to the youth of the Clippers to give the bell

The best rookie last season in the role that trust can make your team this year thanks to a season so short. Blake Griffin believes that a compressed campaign as benefiting the young teams, and youth, the Clippers. The franchise leader in Los Angeles believes that theirs are prepared to speak: "More training and more time together gives us an advantage over last year, but at the same time to be young and have many games in so little time, I have hope that gives us an advantage. "

Mr. Mate ensures that his team reach the playoffs this season, something not achieved since 2005-2006. To that end, Griffin blindly trust his team: "I believe in this goal because we are together as a team to get it. It is our goal as a team and we have to believe in it. We are healthy and have good players and confidence to do it. I like the mentality of the team, we are looking forward. "

The Clippers player never doubted he was going to fix the 'lockout': "Sometimes bad painting but at the same time he felt he was going to play and was going to fix." Griffin is aware that the agreement was better than the two bids rejected the players, but not as good as before.


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