Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Barea of ​​the Mavs go out and clarifies the outlook for Rudy

The current NBA champions, the Dallas Mavericks, have many fronts for next Friday, when you open the transfer window period and renewals in the NBA. Mark Cuban's franchise has six players on the free agent market and all of them without restrictions. Now it depends on what the Mavericks want to do with these players. It seems the answer is they will do little, if anything.

Except in the case of DeShawn Stevenson (Jason Terry, the 'boss' of clothing, has publicly called for its renewal), the remaining outstanding players of his future are outside the Mavs. Tyson Chandler and Caron Butler and noted for days Dallas looked out of next season. And now he has been the home base of Leon, Jose Juan Barea , who has stated that he is not optimistic about their future in the Mavericks.

"Things do not look good in Dallas," said Puerto Rican player in an interview with ESPN. "I'm disappointed. I do not expect something to happen that way. It's frustrating that the club is doing everything possible to rejoin the team. I want to go and I think the fans want him back, but do not know what will happen. I'm not optimistic, "he said.

Barea output (sounds for teams like the Lakers or Heat), with the most likely to secure Butler and Stojakovic, explains Rudy the future of the franchise in Texas. The team of Mavericks would be lame in external positions, allowing the Spanish guard have more prominence in the template and opt for a better contract next season, when he becomes a free agent.

According to ESPN's own notes, all movements of the Texas franchise move in the same direction. Cuban would be willing to let go of three of the key pieces of equipment (Barea, Butler and Chandler) to release its payroll and try the signing of Deron Williams, a dream of Mark Cuban already has said he will not sign the contract extension with the Nets.


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