Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Lakers are seriously by Dwight Howard and Chris Paul ... In exchange for Pau Gasol?

The news that the Lakers could declare transferable to all its staff , except the untouchable Kobe Bryant, to address the transfer of Chris Paul (Hornets) and Dwight Howard (Magic) , was the most talked-about scene baloncestístico day.

A few hours after leaving the light this option is gaining strength the 'Superman' Howard Bellows and loses some of Chris Paul, pointing more to Clippers (Eric Bledsoe, Al-Farouq Aminu, Chris and a first round pick 2012), Celtics (Rajon Rondo, MarShon Brooks, Avery Bradley and a first round pick 2012) and Warriors (Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson).

By 'CP3', as covered in numerous U.S. media and to, the Lakers' Lamar Odom Firm offers, Andrew Bynum ... or Pau Gasol, a bid is not greedy enough for the franchise in New Orleans.

The proposal for 'Superman', also published on, may be similar, and would also include Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum ... or Pau Gasol.

Alex Kennedy, 'hoopsworld', says the Lakers are already in contact with Hornets and Magic to try to close a double operation that could change the history of the NBA in the next five years.

The transfer of Chris Paul has become a public auction to the many franchises that have come despite the rumors about the poor state of the knee of the base, while in the case of Howard the Lakers seem best placed in the case Magic decide that detach from the 'five' most dominant point in the NBA.

Do not forget the flirtations of 'Superman' with the Lakers in recent months.


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