Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blatter calls for technology to prevent ghost goal

FIFA President Sepp Blatter, said that currently are experimenting with technology to prevent phantom goals, because you should not repeat what happened in South Africa 2010, revealed in an interview published today in the Italian daily "La Gazzetta dello Sport".

The International Board of FIFA will decide in March 2012 whether to adopt a system that allows referees to clarify moves beyond the human eye, said Blatter, who said that a system must be "immediate, reliable and uncomplicated."

"FIFA can not accept a repeat of what has happened in South Africa where a balloon that was 70 inches inside, he was out," Blatter said in reference to the action of Frank Lampard in the match between England against Germany, which led to the elimination of the British.

Faced with the proposal of the president of UEFA, Michel Platini, to incorporate referees to monitor areas, Blatter believes it is "a brilliant idea, but expensive."

"Arbitrators are not Linieres" he said, while wondering how many federations can afford to have five referees, while noting that the technology "is less expensive."

"Either way would have to choose between one of two alternatives because the two together is difficult," said

On the other hand, the FIFA president spoke out against the current calendar, which he said is "unsustainable," adding that in this debate "nobody thinks about the players."

Over the next European Blatter said his favorites are the two finalists of last year, but opted for Spain.

"He's a technical game, fast and attractive. It is wonderful that football is an expression of culture. Each team should play like live your people," said Blatter.

Facing the upcoming derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Blatter admitted: "My love for Real Madrid is known: for white, that's when I played I Visp and because it is among the founders of FIFA."


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