Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Llorente's knee is in suspense Athletic

The left knee of Fernando Llorente is still of concern, grave concern also at the heart of the Athletic. The joint is sore and red and white 9 right now is unpredictable to say when it will be able to play again.

The main premise is fundamental to recover Atletico striker is to extinguish the pain that accompanies it in a while, or at least it is bearable so you can run normally.

At the moment, Fernando could not travel to Mallorca on Saturday after Thursday during the warm-up match against the Slovan, return to intensify the discomfort in his left knee, which did not prevent disputes in the first half of the game , but rather diminished its powers, as was proved at this time that was on the pitch.

After being ruled out for the match against Mallorca, Fernando revealed through a social network that not only the pain had not diminished, but had grown up yet since the game against Granada.

And is that the problem experienced by the International Athletic striker, a condriopatía left knee patella, has a complicated solution. Really the only thing that looks can make the pain go away would be that the player had a prolonged period of rest, a break that would restore some normalcy to the affected area, but seeing how the calendar is the Christmas break until the issue seems complicated.

At the moment, Fernando yesterday afternoon not even appear on the practice field. Continued under the care of the club physios to try to minimize the pain of the injury.

Critical Care
In addition, Fernando also devotes much of her time to recover physically, not just his knee, but his muscles in general. It does so through customized sessions, and very intense physiotherapy treatment and to get in the best parties, which are not few.
The Rincón de Soto striker strives each day in endless recovery meetings with to try to have his huge hulk always in the best position to help the team on the field.

92 consecutive games
and a faith that has. Not surprisingly, Fernando Llorente has been more than two full years, since November 2009 without losing a single league match, a fact unprecedented in modern football.

Until last Sunday had played in 79 consecutive league games, but they must unite Cup matches and continental competition to complete the not inconsiderable amount of 92 consecutive competitive matches with Athletic. Also continues to attend regularly at the call of Vicente Del Bosque, since it is a fixture in the calls for the Spanish team, which can be said without fear of error is enormous wear. Now, his knee has had enough and this is in suspense Athletic.

Marcelo Bielsa is pending on the status of it to raise the upcoming matches. It seems clear that next Thursday will not travel to Oviedo for the Cup meeting and will wait to see how it evolves in the coming hours to see if they can be ready for Sunday's game in league against Racing.


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