Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Blazers have no intention to dispose of Brandon Roy

No more rumors about Brandon Roy. The guard had been involved in numerous transfers from the announcement of the end of the 'lockout' and had even speculated withdrawal. Not at all. At least it is the intention of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Since it was made ​​public the details of the new collective agreement , the U.S. press has speculated that the franchise in Oregon use the new amnesty clause (which can cut a player, minus the salary cap) to get rid of a player who has suffered an ordeal of his knee injury and who hesitated to return to play in the NBA.

Roy, who last January underwent an operation to correct the problems that he suffered from arthritis in both knees, has worked hard since then. He returned to the court a month after the intervention and during the long summer of the NBA been crushed in the gym to strengthen your joints now that lacks cartilage.

Therefore, for all the work you've invested, Roy does not think out of Portland. And, as confirmed by the president of the franchise, the Blazers do not want to give the player.

Paul Miller confirmed to ESPN that Oregon does not intend to use the amnesty clause with Roy. And unless you suffer a serious injury in the preseason, have Roy as a fundamental part of the team. "Our plans are that Brandon is part of this team," Miller confirmed.

An opinion shared with Blazers coach Nate McMillan, who has said he is working to re-dock to Roy in computer systems and vice versa.

The Blazers are living a similar situation with Greg Oden, who made ​​him a qualified offer of 8.9 million dollars to become a restricted free agent. A bet that, given the injury history of center, expect the appropriate player staying in Portland, despite the call of the Heat. "We have shown a strong commitment to Oden and I think that the player feels he has an account pending with us, "said Chad Buchanan, general manager of the franchise.


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