Monday, December 5, 2011

Ole, ole ole and five times

History has willed that Rafael Nadal Parera was the player who put the finishing touch to the Davis Cup final 2011 and gave Spain the fifth Salad in its history. The Spaniard, the king of clay, the idol of the Spanish fans, the mirror in which you look at the small and the largest value, the Macedonian work, humility and commitment to a 'Armada' leading and following aupando Spanish sport to the highest international scene.

Rafa Nadal was the champion of the Davis Cup final in 2000, which debuted in Spain Palau Sant Jordi. That kid was 14 years with admiration as Albert Costa , Juan Carlos Ferrero , Alex Corretja and Balcells Joan entered the history by winning for the first time this competition. The youngest of the group that did not know, is that fate had reserved a room for glory in this competition. With the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja as a witness, the same scenario that blankets seven years ago his idol and close friend Carlos Moya , Rafael has given Spain's fifth Davis Cup history to subdue Juan Martin del Potro for a aggregate score of 1-6, 6-4, 6-1, 7-6 (0) after four hours and eight minutes in the fourth and final point. The seven times he has had in his hand close a tie, he did it. A champion.

Despite initial nerves of Del Potro, who gave the break in the opening game after adding two consecutive double faults, the Argentine hit forehands awoke from the bottom of track. Disadvantage not only recovered granted but signed six consecutive games to clinch the first set. "And paste and paste and paste Delpo stick", sang a swollen Argentina that he even bother to stop the match for Rafa in the service. The Spaniard, who played again crept into his left knee, was unable to turn to the situation. Remained too short, moved a few steps behind the baseline and just took the initiative in the exchange. After an hour, was the albiceleste who took advantage in battle.

Alarm bells in La Cartuja a break when Nadal conceded more in the opening game of the second act. The Argentine was punishing and dominating him, recalling at times the player profile pointing to number 1. However, Rafa returned to solve a problem of caste determination and claw. It is not surprising reaction from Nadal, but not to be missed highlight. He regained the downside after a 40-0 up after 83 minutes and signed his first game at the service. "Bring them, for them," answered the venerable Spanish then, that today it served as Davis Cup fans. Rafa learned to be patient, look in the trunk of the beating impossible and capitalize on their 'passing' backhand blow with which certified the break in the tenth game which involved balancing the contest.


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