Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cain Velasquez: Champion inspired by the difficult lives of migrant workers

You have to have guts to climb into the Octagon to fight against an opponent several pounds heavier than you, but more are required to cross the border in search of a dream and a better quality of life for the family. That is what has motivated his entire career to Cain Velasquez , current world heavyweight champion UFC, the son of a Mexican immigrant who came to the United States illegally to build a future and an opportunity to be the best exponent of the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts for their acronym in English) worldwide.

After a year out of action by a shoulder injury that required surgery, Velasquez returns this November 12th to defend his championship against Junior dos Santos of Brazil, which is expected to be the most watched fight in the history of this circuit. The 29-year unbeaten monarch chatted with AOL at the end of their training: You are a prominent member of the U.S. Latino community, a pride, Is that how you feel? I am very happy to be a Latino, my father is from Sinaloa, Mexico, and my mother grew up in Fresno, California, but left when I was 18. I am very proud of being Mexican and Mexican carry the flag when I'm fighting. Your father came to America illegally and now his son is the world champion, what is the secret to 'American Dream'? 'just' hard work, every day my dad worked very hard, I looked at him and think of him when I'm training, I learned that I can work every day doing what I want. Do your parents instilled in Spanish and I love your roots ? Yes, when I was a kid speak much Spanish, but with school and everything is in English as I lost it, but I'm working to improve my Spanish now. I grew up in Arizona, near the border, about 30 minutes many weekends we went to eat or to visit family, all those things I came to Mexico. You have a tattoo of the Virgin of Guadalupe and another that says 'Brown Pride', why? That of 'Brown Pride' is My Mexican pride for my father who came here to America, because we Mexicans are good workers, we take a lot of heart challenges, we fought with blood and passion.

The tattoo of the Virgin is because my mom always told me that the Virgin will protect me in my life and when I'm fighting, then is there next to me is protecting me as well. Tell us about the fight, How is your preparation? Well, it was hard work is over and I'm ready to fight. The shoulder injury: Are you fully recovered? Yes, with the help of Dr. healed, regained mobility and I'm 100%. Was it hard being so long without a fight? Yes, but I knew that with hard work and rehabilitation shoulder would be OK, the truth was difficult. What do you know your opponent? What is the virtue most dangerous? His boxing is a good fighter, athletic, strong and has great strength in his fists. Do you expect a fight via knockout or finish quickly rather long? I expect a long fight, hard, as long I prepare for a fight I expect the more difficult. I have to prepare my body and my mind for a fight of five rounds. How have you managed to stay undefeated in a circuit is as strong as the UFC? prepared well, working hard, but I'm not thinking undefeated, I want to be the best in However, not only in the mixed martial arts. How do you live your family, your wife, your fights in a sport as violent? My family will watch the fight, my wife is well, she knows I'm training very hard for fights and I have great confidence. What is your next goal now that you're champion? defend the belt for many years.

Surely most people in California will be on your side in the fight, what do you think? I am proud know that thousands of Mexican and Latino people are behind me, I am happy to support and want to go to Anaheim to win the fight, for them. How did your life change now that you're famous? only changed because I have more care press and public, but all good. Training and my family is still the same, has changed only the interest of the people. Something I want to say to the Latino community that you will be following: Many thanks for the support, I hope you see my fight on November 12th, I will win people.


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