Monday, October 24, 2011

Donaire has shown that Narvaez is the super fighter

While Nonito Donaire (27-1-0-18 nocautst) won the bout against Omar Narvaez (35-1-2-19 KOs) in a comprehensive, shown left to fast as the Argentine boxers 'becomes a eight'. It was expected that the 'Filipino Flash' will pass the roller to 'Che', but for most who tried the 'Hurricane' not let him do his job. One thing is clear, Donaire is not the super fighter as described. One might say that it was not his night, but if you really want to be considered a substitute for Manny Pacquiao has to make adjustments to cope with fast fighters, because they rivals will always find you fight in front, where it is a 'murderer'. What Happened: Narvaez did not want to fight Donaire is already talking about going to the Super Bantamweight be because you have trouble making weight rooster. I think it's a good decision, but in that category will find good opponents (like the great Cuban boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux, who is the interim champion World Boxing Association (WBA) that can break dancing to anyone. For Furthermore, it is undisputed that the magnificent Argentine boxer Omar Narvaez is a monster on defense, but in his fight against the Philippines engaged in the offensive left the closet. The man tried to be aggressive, but gave the impression that when Donaire ' touched him like a lemon 'for the first time, got into skateboarding and just defend. Was good the strategy I use? Well, partly yes, perooooo ...' that does not pull, nothing gained '.

During combat Narvaez himself acknowledged that he had to force the fight and tried to do, but Donaire, like a lion seeking to devour its prey, the strike could not connect to define the match by knockout. You have to give credit to Argentina at age 36 that moves like a swordfish, but in boxing that is not enough to succeed. On the other hand, I think the division is not going gallo and should remain in the super flyweight where has mastered with ease. Now, it has been defeated because it can detract from the achievements made ​​in his brilliant career in professional boxing at the time of retirement must be placed on the list of great fighters who gave the boxing. The best of the Donaire and Narvaez luck in their future engagements, because what they have achieved within the 12-string has involved much sacrifice and do not fall from heaven.


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