Monday, October 24, 2011

The Curse of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

For many, the party noted the Champions League on Wednesday between Barcelona and Viktoria, where the picture was the winner FC Barcelona, ​​was ... Messi did not score!, and it shows that the level of the Spanish team is at half throttle, not all his power despite the recovery of the injured Andres Iniesta and David Villa football level. To me there is another owner of great importance and concern ... criminal and they did several times Lionel Messi in the match, why not marked? ' The Flea 'suffers the same curse that player merengue, Cristiano Ronaldo , both are victims of artful kicks that, go on, injured and can leave them out of action. Maybe Messi will not ensure that 'envy him for being good-looking' (as I said a few weeks ago Christian ), but 'to be rich'.

In the match against Viktoria, there were two clear fouls on the Argentine star and the referees did not mark anything, that is, or at home, Spain, or Europe, schools are nothing if it comes to Ronaldo or Messi . The first opportunity not to be marked for the Argentine penal occurred when he was clearly caught the shirt Cisovsky Czech forward, what did the school? ... nothing, let the play continue to the despair of Messi. The other move that warranted criminal happened seconds before the second goal for Barcelona, ​​made ​​by David Villa, a defender of Viktoria pushed and light bars at the feet of Messi and equal the referee did nothing. Watch videos from the second penalty for not marking ' Leo 'before the entry of David Villa.


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