Monday, October 24, 2011

The prosecution called 18 months in prison without compliance to Landis for spying

Prosecutors on Monday demanded 18 months in jail exempt from U.S. exciclista compliance against Floyd Landis , stripped of the title of winner of the Tour de France 2006 by doping, for allegedly spying for the French anti-doping agency. The prosecution believes the exciclista and coach Arnie Baker, tried by the Court of Nanterre (a suburb of Paris) in 2006 hired a hacker to illegally access the database from the laboratory of the French Agency for Combating Doping (AFLD). In this way, had tried to recover some analytical pieces on the case for some scientific data handling and retain his title of winner of the Tour de France, whose victory fell to Spanish Oscar Pereiro .

According to prosecutors, Landis had hired the services of the company Kargus Consultants, the firm would also have appealed the EDF power to spy on Greenpeace. Neither Landis, 36, and Baker were present at the process as have always refused to appear before the French courts. After denying doping allegations initially, in 2010 admitted to cheating during the race. In relation to that part of the investigation, the prosecution has asked for 1.5 million euros against the French power company three years in prison, with 30 exempt from compliance months to two senior security officers of EDF, Paul François and Pascal Durieux.


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