Sunday, November 27, 2011

Federer reaches the final of his career number 100

Roger Federer for the seventh time qualified for the Masters Cup final in the semifinals after defeating David Ferrer to have it taken as (12-0). The Swiss, who will rival for the title to Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, recovered well with this win his third place in the ATP ranking.

"I've lost eleven times against Roger Federer . Before I retire I will have to win, "said David Ferrer in an interview with Cadena Cope. The Javea, motivated to a great occasion, he tried without reward and give back to the 'Swiss Express' by an aggregate score of 7-5, 6-3 after an hour and twenty minutes in a clash played at the Center Court to the O2 Arena. The first set was consumed in 50 minutes for the Swiss, who was thinner at the same transcendental moments. After the first few moments when the service is imposed on the rest, everything remains to be elucidated in recent games. Federer pulled scheme service and serve and volley to make up his unforced errors from the bottom of the track, while Ferrer combined with its characteristic long struggle, mistakes and successes alike. The Javea was on the ropes the Swiss in a marathon tenth game in which, after five situations of equality and more than eight minutes of play, joined Federer in the box equal to, then who put the nail to be the set .

Learned from past mistakes, which led him to relax and lose the second set loss to Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and Mardy Fish in the 'Round Robin', Federer stepped on the gas at the beginning of the sleeve to put the lace to match. A break in the opening game gave wings to a Swiss, dull as he is his own, if it came out to make beautiful custom points. The game was delayed because David is one of those players who does not give a single ball as lost, but never did feel able to sign an epic comeback. "It was better than me. I just had opportunities. I have tried, but he has played more relaxed and eventually led to victory," said Ferrer once the shock. The 'Swiss Express' continues its run up and stretched his streak of 15 straight wins until (his record in 2009, 21).


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