Sunday, November 27, 2011

Second chance for Tsonga

Jo-Wilfred Tsonga sealed his ticket to the second final of his career to solving the second of the Masters Cup semi-final against Tomas Berdych. The French search for the title this Sunday against Roger Federer.

When Jo-Wilfried Tsonga reached the final of the Open after beating Australia in 2008 to Rafael Nadal in the semifinals, everyone was full of praise to a player named 'Ali' for his great physical resemblance to the legendary boxer and his tenacious punch. That year in the Antipodes was overtaken in the final by Novak Djokovic , though everyone said French as a player to consider in the future. The lesions, irregularity shown in his game and his poor performance on slow surfaces, they foresee to be a tennis player Jo most notable of which it is to date. Number 6 in the world and a benchmark in the big events.

In London, Tsonga went for the first time the 'Round Robin' Masters Cup by beating Mardy Fish and Rafael Nadal and yield only Roger Federer , who is curiously his rival for the title. To reach the final, the Frenchman had to get rid of Tomas Berdych , who defeated by an aggregate score of 6-3, 7-5 in one hour and thirty-five minutes in the crash which closed the day at the O2 Arena . The start of game two players drew us looked in the mirror to see a reflection of themselves. Two good punches whose game is limited when trade expands from the bottom of the track, two players whose inside is a level below his right, and two men head to fragile higher ranking counterparts and confident in their ability to the rest. The first key event was between the fifth and sixth stake. In the fifth was Berdych who enjoyed two balls break (15-40), which ended on tape crashing, in the sixth was the Czech who finished 'giving away' the break to Tsonga sending a forehand beyond the limits of play. Then, the service of both, delayed the game a little over half an hour.

Beyond the reaction Berdych, corseted in their own shell, ghost of his own fears, it was Tsonga who, without doing anything of this world, was gaining ground. He had two break balls in the opening game was no effect, and signed the coveted break six games later advantage of the Czech double-faulted. His sentence was less because the French, who until then had only lost two service points, could not confirm the break and the light returned to equilibrium. And when everyone noticed the tie-break, Berdych fell into the trap proposed by Tsonga: a duel of sartenazos from the bottom of tracks that ended the Frenchman won. Then, did not fail when put up the shutters.

With the win, Tsonga became the second Frenchman to reach the Masters Cup final (the first, Sebastian Grosjean , fell in 2001 to Lleyton Hewitt ). Facing the defending champions will be in London, one Roger Federer before which has a 'head-to-head' negative 3-6 (2-4 this season).


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