Monday, October 24, 2011

Motorcycle rider dies after being hit in the race

The Italian motorcycle, Marco Simoncelli, 24, died in the course of this Sunday after serious accident in the beginning (five minutes into the race) of the Malaysian Grand Prix MotoGP, it was canceled a decision of the organizers arising from this unfortunate incident. Marco Simoncelli went down in a curve at the start of the race impacted first with his close friend, Valentino Rossi, and later be hit by Colin Edwards. The blow was very strong and even his helmet first and then took sparks flew off the air. The Italian went limp on the asphalt and was treated at the clinic of the Sepang circuit. The doctors at the clinic of the Sepang circuit, led by Michele Macchiagodena, explained at a press conference a few minutes ago who tried to resuscitate Simoncelli for 45 minutes , tried various techniques to control Simoncelli I suffered cardiac arrest, but it was useless and unfortunate death of this young driver occurred at 16:56 (local time). In a statement, the race director of the Grand Prix Malaysia, Paul Butler, made ​​clear that "the consequences and the circumstances surrounding the crash of Marco Simoncelli will be investigated thoroughly," communicated while "all possible respect and solidarity" to the family of Italian.


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