Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mourinho not fail her Angel

A Mourinho not fail her Angel. In this case, Di Maria, which the coach bet on the derby to unbalance the game with such breakneck speed that puts all your actions.

The end of Argentina, who was injured in the match against Osasuna, came very fair to the game against Atletico. But 62 minutes of Di Maria, time played, are far enough to show that it was more than recovered.

Di Maria gives a bonus to a computer that is designed to finish winning by speed, intensity and rhythm. This gave him this player. In the first part, where Madrid was a thick set, was among the few if not the only one who revolutionized the attack with their actions. Rojiblancos unhinged also with its insistent defense to disrupt the output of the red and white ball.

One of the keys to victory for Real Madrid was the first yellow card was Diego. There was Di Maria, who in a ball in the midfield, and it eventually led Diego, desperate, he pushed. A cost yellow then change the Brazilian when he took Manzano for input by the expelled Asenjo Courtois.

Minutes later, the end got a ball deep to Benzema who ended up being the penalty that gave his team the tie . Another pinpoint pass for the French could score, but in this case ended with the expulsion of Belgian goalkeeper. If something is highlighting Di Maria is for their ability to provide assistance.

In the second part again to wreak havoc down the right, up and down, until they took advantage of a back pass from Cristiano Ronaldo to score the 2-1. A goal that sealed the derby, which lowered arms and Atletico Madrid ended their resistance. Di Maria found the holes and had lacked ideas to their peers.

Mourinho Higuain changed the Bernabeu stood to fire with a huge ovation. The Argentine field was sticking his tongue, getting socks and a smile of triumph. He had been the main character. He shook hands with his coach and sat on the bench.

The angel of Mou has been instrumental in more games. As in the Champions in Zagreb, where his team won 0-1 with his goal. It only works on offense and defense, assists, scoring goals is empty. It has everything.


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