Sunday, November 27, 2011

Casillas: "The problem is those people who invent rules"

Iker Casillas has expressed his opinion about the play of the expulsion of goalkeeper of Atletico Madrid, Thibaut Courtois. Real Madrid captain said that the problem is "that decide rules in an office."

"In a move so fast you have to be smart, but in the field so hot yet does not give you time to think and be cold. A play and will create problems. Maybe it's better to put you a goal and keep playing eleven against eleven. The reality is that there are people in an office dictate the rules and when the last man is penalty and expulsion. The problem is people who invent these rules, "he said in the mixed zone at the Bernabeu.

Casillas looked at the derby and admitted the superiority of Atletico at the start and the play that changed the course. " They started well, soon found themselves with a goal but the second game was penalty and expulsion . radically changed the game. He saw a more conservative rival with little influence on the attack. "

"Maybe we relaxed in the first half when they were left with one less. With Angel Di Maria goal and we were more relaxed and play like we should," he added.

Casillas was not critical to the hardness of the rival. "There have been many failures and foul play. I've heard this week that they were going to play well and the referee is permissive but know how to stop those actions. There has been no serious injury. It was a strong shock such as the derbies."

He has never lost at Atletico
and recalled that his first Madrid derby but he never lost those games. "Since we debuted in the Primera Division in the final minutes of a 1-3, others have been wins or draws. Luckily I have never lost against the arch rival of the capital and that there have been games that deserved more."

For its part, the Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain was happy for his goal in the minutes that gave Jose Mourinho. " We had told the coach he was going to be hard, party hard and has been . We started losing but the first expulsion and the penalty opened the game. "

"I'm happy to seize the opportunities that are fair. I had to come off the bench and had half an hour to give everything. Pressing because we were creating chances, as it happened," he said.

"It may be that there was much strength in the party. They used it when they saw that the game was going, but I'll take joy in a victory that allows us to keep up."


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