Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alves: "Many would deliver and the League and throwing rockets"

Dani Alves is clear that Barcelona slip against Getafe on Saturday in the Coliseum and six points behind you now have with respect to Real Madrid in the league means nothing at this stage of competition. "Many would deliver and the League Cup and are throwing rockets, but much more," he said at a press conference the Brazilian.

"There is still a great deal, while not deliver the Cup to the winner no life. Lots of it is handed over and are throwing rockets, but the challenge is exciting and it fascinates us. Is not given any drink at this time, fortunately for us is much yet and one of the keys to this team is that it does not give up ever, "he adds.

Of course, believes that "the distance of nine points if they lose at the Bernabeu would be tremendous, but I do not think about that, I'll respond. We will go and compete as we know."

However, the Brazilian footballer is clear that "our margin of error and is over" and said that now "we must put the batteries". "You can go from being the rehostia to be nothing. People are going to extremes, we must find the balance. They are circumstances. Never change the way we play for results, we have a philosophy and if we must die to die it, "he says.


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