Sunday, March 4, 2012

Piqué: "I feel that the removal was deliberate"

The center of Barcelona, ​​Gerar Pique, left the game in the second half after being expelled for an offense on De las Cuevas. The center believes that the collegial decision was unfair. "During the break I told the referee that it was Keita penalty and he has kept. I have the feeling of premeditation," he said after the match against Sporting.

Clearly, this season has been very fortunate not to Pique. Guardiola brought him into the starting lineup after being absent at the Calderon, center back but did not finish the game after seeing a red card (just in the opinion of Andujar Oliver). He had to overthrow Miguel de las Cuevas when preparing to face sportinguista solo Victor Valdes.

Pique has not had the continuity that would have wanted. Pep has already made it clear that not too happy with his current form but before the media has always made clear that the fundamental focus is on your computer.


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