Sunday, March 4, 2012

Keita had the keys to the bus

Barcelona beat Sporting Gijon in a duel of high demands for the Catalans. Clemente bolted in your area and Guardiola struggled to find holes. Keita was instrumental in making the first and scored the second goal to tie after Barral. With the match decided, Xavi signed the third.

The technician sportinguista predicted an encounter in which his players would play the ball just 12 minutes. If there were 12, it seemed. Barcelona was one of those games he catches the ball and just let go, but that did not reported the usual number of occasions.

The Asturian made a very serious game at defensive end. Just holes left behind and the Catalans took God and help them create problems for John Paul.

Before the break Barca went ahead through Iniesta, one of the best in the game. The manchego almost accidentally pushed a pass from the death of Hadrian. However, the merit of the play must give to Keita, who was the one who enabled the Brazilian in the area.

The game changed in two minutes
the game went into halftime giving the impression that it was impossible to escape Barca is three points. It took two minutes into the second half to knock down that idea.

Velasco Carballo, who ate two penalties-Piqué expelled for bringing down of the Caves on the edge of the area. A questionable expulsion was accompanied by a goal from Barral a minute later. In two minutes, Barça grew dwarfs.

Barca were replaced and, despite the inferiority did not lose the game handles. I was struggling to find the final pass after three quarters came to court, so I decided to test Keita from the front. The Malian broke the tie with a goal into the top corner in the closing stages.

The Sporting both left groggy, who conceded a third soon after. Iniesta Xavi enabled only within the area and the Barca captain said.

Injury Alexis
addition to the red Pique, the worst news of the match for Barcelona's injury was Alexis Sanchez. Already in the discount, and exhausted all changes, Chilean left the pitch with discomfort in the groin.


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