Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"It is not unusual to want the best average scorer in Europe"s

Gonzalo Higuain is still news. Not just for his goals, two against Espanyol, for a total of 16 in the league, and its incredible effectiveness , but for their future. A future on the horizon is emerging a big name in Europe: Juventus of Turin.

Gonzalo's father, Jorge, told BRAND reports in recent days in Italy, aimed at the revival of interest in Juventus striker Real Madrid: "It is not unusual to be interested in the striker with the best average of Europe."

El Pipa, who has the career of his son with his representative, 'Cacho' Recassens adds that "it is not the only club Juventus, there are many teams interested in Europe."

MARK picks up these words of Jorge Higuain on the same day that 'Tuttosport' echoes other statements of the parent of a player, that says, among other things: "We are honored the interest of Juventus. Now Gonzalo thinks of Madrid, talk in May. season enters its decisive phase and Gonzalo think winning the league and the Champions League with Madrid. The interest of Juventus and there was a year ago, but wanted to stay in Madrid Gonzalo. "

"Now, Jorge Higuain added as' Tuttosport'-the possibility of a transfer to a team like Juventus can only enorgullecerle, but soon. In May my son and I will analyze the situation and be willing to talk with Juve ".


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