Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ricky: "At this point it's getting a little uphill"

It is one stage in the first season of a player in the NBA. Like say your name at the ceremony in the draft and make you a peer hazing, beginners should go through the rookie wall . It's those moments when you begin to notice the fatigue, the accumulation of trips and parties empinan to become an obstacle to lower your benefits.

These days, Ricky Rubio tries to overcome this wall. Rigor are the consequences of
physical and frenetic pace of the NBA. "There are parties that do not feel your legs and you have to pull heart. It note so compressed a time," he says. Ricky gets into a bath tub of ice after games and has bought some stockings worn under jeans. He says that helps you recover, but each time it costs more. It lacks freshness.

Here are the numbers to prove it. In the last two seasons at the ACB, Ricky played a total of 1,772 minutes distributed in 84 games counting the regular season and the series title. In just 40 games of NBA point guard has played 1,364. That is, with its current average of 34.1 minutes in 11 games just match the running time of the last years. Ricky will have to get a running start to jump these hurdles.

The Spanish player is aware of this hardness and admits that the burden of parties has blown. "At this point in time it's getting a bit uphill," admits one waiting Ricky did not take to recover the feelings that led him to dazzle the league in the first half of the season.


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