Sunday, March 4, 2012

FIFA has the rule of penalty and expulsion

Two companies, Hawkeye and GoalfRef have been chosen for the next phase of testing of the technology of the line (GLT) today approved IFAB as the International Board of Football Associations (for its acronym in English) At its meeting of Surrey (England).

Those responsible for safeguarding and change the rules of football examined the report submitted by the independent testing institute EMPA on the first phase of tests carried out between November and December 2011 with eight companies of GLT, and outlined the procedures continue in the second phase, between March and June 2012.

Both companies were approved by the IFAB to participate in the second part of testing. Hawkeye system uses optical recognition cameras, while GoalRef uses a magnetic field with a special balloon to identify a goal situation.

The second phase, which will run between March and June 2012, will be rigorously assessed the reliability and accuracy of each system.

After this period, will hold a special meeting of the IFAB in Kiev on July 2 to make a decision on final passage of the GLT.

Also approved the use of women's football hijab (headscarf as Islamic dress code), a fact that was received with great satisfaction by Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, vice president of FIFA, as subsequently reflected in a statement.

"I am deeply grateful that he may prosper the proposal to allow women to cover their heads in football," said the leader, who said he is convinced that this measure will accelerate once the health and safety studies will be finally adopted at the special meeting of July 2.

On the other hand, the IFAB received the report on the experiment with additional assistant referees, launched in the Champions League and Europa League, as well as competitions in Brazil, Morocco and Qatar, and makes the final decision at the meeting in Kiev after defeating the Euro.

In contrast, there flourished in this fourth session 126 substitution in the games he has extension and inclusion of a new text regarding the rule of "triple punishment" according to the recommendations of the Task Force working group Football 2014 Cup.

Currently, the player who prevents a clear shot on goal in the area by a punishable act, is punished with the penalty shot, expulsion and suspension accordingly.


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