Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stoner: "There is big difference between Honda and Yamaha"

The MotoGP world champion Casey Stoner, said in the presentation of the Repsol team waiting for a year with much equality, which is the main rival Yamaha. "This year is balanced. We have a weak point and, if managed, can lead us in the future. Now there is no difference between them."

About the pace of Lorenzo, who dedicated his season to do more long runs that time, said, "I never do long runs. To me it makes no sense. For me it is not necessary. Each driver has their own preferences, but I never do drills race. "

As for your bike, Stoner still see points to improve: "I love to say that everything is ready for the bike. We're making good time, but a couple of points, small problems that need fixing. Overall, I am happy with the bike. "

About Ducati, his former team, Stoner explained that "may need more time" to be up there. "It's a miracle to change everything on a motorcycle. If at first you do not give a step forward, it will be difficult, but I know Ducati and are able to move forward," he said.


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