Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kun's dream is Real

A Sergio Aguero Lionel is his eyes lit up when he heard the news Friday conducted by MARK . The Argentine, who live their happy days in Manchester after six months of difficult adjustment, has never hidden his desire to return to Spain, where it exploded footballing country.

Moreover Madrid, the city where he spent the last five years of his life, where he met his wife is now and where Benjamin was born, her first child. So last summer Kun lasted until the last minute if he finally made his move to Real Madrid. In the end, he had to pack up to go to the City.

His first six months in Manchester, as recognized by this Friday MARK sources of their families, were "very hard". Aguero and Yanina had to adapt to a new country with a different language, other times, customs ... Although sports performance in the City has been spectacular since the first day, Kun was looking forward to the Christmas break to leave Manchester and go home. It was a hard semester Agüero family.

Training with his teammates, the parties to the City, the victories, football, Kun helped them adapt to life in Manchester. Now, six months after his arrival, Aguero and his family begin to feel comfortable in England, accustomed to the new pace of life, built in the city, but always with the memory of Majadahonda in memory.

Athletically, El Kun is excited in the City. His team dominated the Premier League with an iron fist and he showered praise. His last performance in the Champions League match against Porto put their feet the entire British press, which has spent the week comparing him to his father, the great Diego Armando Maradona.

The board of 'God'
Maradona was precisely one of the first people who recommended fichara by Real Madrid. He did it first in private and then public. The Fluff did see his son that his growth was stagnating Atletico and to advance their careers should jump into a big one.

Now Kun silent on his future, but with a smile on. He knows the story advanced by MARK is inappropriate for him, for the City and Madrid. It focuses on getting the double with his current team, Premier League and Europe, in his first season in England.

Then when the season ends, it's time to think of the next. Be living again in July in Madrid and entrenándose to Mourinho would be a dream come true for Aguero, but the Argentine is very clear that the drama of last summer can not be repeated.

You do not want to become overly optimistic, because it is aware that two consecutive transfers a player of his level through rarely occur. Athletically, is delighted at the City-the club gives superstar treatment, and their adaptation to the city is completed. But Madrid throws much.

Meanwhile, in the offices of the Bernabéu same thing happens with Mou's trip to London, no one bats an eye. Higuain is untouchable for Mou and the club and only if it's Pipit who wants to leave Real Madrid will start the machinery. Not before.


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