Saturday, March 10, 2012

Federer losses charged against Nadal time

Roger Federer has complained in the press conference in Indian Wells on time management of Rafa Nadal during games and, in turn, has expressed his displeasure at the lack of punishment of judges to that facet of the game.

"I do not complain much, but I do not understand how, over a four-hour match with Rafa ever get a warning for wasting time," said the Swiss.

The Swiss have expressed unease about the permissibility of the arbitrators at the time management Nadal in the meetings: "There are times when judges could be a little firmer. Because at the end of the day do not know if the fans feel frustrated to see five points that can last five minutes. "

Nadal Federer took up the gauntlet and defended: "The rules are there, but you can not expect a rest only 20 seconds of hard rallies. I am not prepared to do so. If the judge gives the warning, the players have to accept . The rule is, but each understands it differently. depends on how the game goes. "


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