Sunday, March 4, 2012

Federer wins fifth time in Dubai

The Swiss tennis player and world number three, Roger Federer has managed to prevail in the final of Dubai to Andy Murray, 5-7 and 4-6, in a fairly matched game but finally opted in favor of Federer , which manages to win for the fifth time over his career in the UAE tournament.

The match started very even between two of the five best players in the world on track in Dubai. Both players did not yield on their serves until the Swiss took a break point to get ahead in the first set and a 5-7 power adjudicárselo well.

In the second set, the deadlock continued on the scoreboard. But the Scottish player collapsed physically and Federer took advantage to take the lead (1-3). The final of the Dubai put a pretty face Federer was more loose at times.

But nothing is further from reality, Andy Murray won his sleeve and even get ahead with a 4-3. However, the great form of Federer, who had won in Rotterdam, won in Dubai in order to add the second and final set of the final he proclaimed champion for the fifth time in this tournament and left the British winless for the first time at this track.

Thus, Federer remembers the result against the Scot Murray to beat him after the last time they met in the Masters tournament in London in 2010. However, on aggregate of direct confrontations between the tennis number three and four in the world is favorable to Andy Murray 8-7.


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