Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kobe Bryant blames "basketball gods" of their Canaston

Have you seen the incredible Kobe triple the Nets?

With suspense. So came the decisive basket Lakers-Nets ( 91-87 ). Kobe Bryant , one of the best players in the final minutes, charged with the responsibility to kill off the game and got it. Everything was whiteboard move Mike Brown came out to perfection with two players: Kobe and Pau . Gasol had a mission to make Kobe a lock for the NBA comfortable and throw it more than fulfilled in blocking, as recognized technical and scoring after the meeting.

Kobe launched without any defense from beyond the triple line and the ball took his part to enter. According to ESPN, since the first ball hits the rim until it enters spent nearly two seconds (from 8.7 to 6.8).

A hoop from warming 'pissed' to Humphries , who joked about it: "Before the game I said, go easy on this rim is loose. This may hurt us in the fourth quarter. Not really, but the ring if it is more loose ".

The Lakers guard rather than the ring was grateful to several deities, "gods of basketball were on our side today," although a more earthly gave Deron Williams , the victim of 'Canaston': "Take that for scoring baskets as Throughout his career, is no longer a surprise. "

Everyone was aware that the move would be for Bryant, Pau but blocking prevented the Nets' defense could stop the basket: "Kobe was free, but all of Hall knew he was going to throw the last shot "said coach resigned New Jersey Avery Johnson.


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