Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CR7 conquers the kingdom with a prodigious party

The more you yell, worse. Because more is growing. And if Christian and makes a difference without being bitten, when he feels persecuted is lethal. You can go to take a right to electrocute the ball and in through the square owned by the St. Vitus dance. Of course, those who once whistled, now sit back in silence. This happened yesterday in the old Sadar, Ronaldo hostile territory, where his two previous visits and had won or had marked. Retaliated last night with a performance that will take time to forget in Pamplona. Brace of goals and assists.

The local parish soon nor a minute to throw pepper in the eye. At the start of heating, the warble of 'the Portuguese ...' invaded the hottest fund pinko feud. Rather than duck down, the Luso grabbed a ball and close enough to be seen, but timely away not to tempt fate, began to juggle with the ball. It was a message. "Pitad, pitad, then we see."

And both. He started the match and grabbed the ball that put the first goal in Benzema. He had previously led to two faults, one with yellow Sergio. All this in six minutes. He followed with two heels. And told with an air-ground missile that almost slips. The second time lucky. Golazo right leg out of a portentous. He pulled up his pants to show it and he had his moment of glory.

In the second half down the piston. Higuain is cluttered with no goal and one goal between them soured sung. He avoided going to shock aware that he carries a yellow suspension. But never forget the 7 of Madrid. Before finishing the match ended its losing streak at the launch of faults. He signed his double-throw.

After the celebration, turned to the warm background, looked at his fist. His dedication. Higuain then attended the fifth, which completed the scoring.


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