Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Closed London 2012 soccer

The resolution of the CONCACAF qualifying has left practically closed the composition of the football tournament of the Olympic Games in the absence of Oman, Senegal meeting, to be held on 23 April in Coventry one day before the draw.

Mexico and Honduras in the tournament carry the day of the CONCACAF Under 23 and both the number of qualifiers for the men's game in London in 2012 amounted to fifteen selections.

Oman and Senegal, representatives from Asia and Africa, settled a playoff at the stadium in the City of Coventry, and close the payroll.

Argentina will not defend title
The main novelty is the absence of defending champion Argentina. Brazil and Uruguay will be representing South America and as usual contenders to fight for the podium.

The Charruas return to the Games after a long time, who won consecutively in 1924 and 1928.

Spain, European champion and a list of juicy young figures, leads the contingent of the Old Continent, which also includes host Britain, Switzerland and Belarus.

Asia now be represented by Japan, bronze in Mexico 1968, South Korea and United Arab Emirates; Pacific by New Zealand, and Africa Gabon, continental champion surprising, Morocco and Egypt.


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