Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Christian image is better than Messi

The Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is the image most valued by the market, about 40 million, three more than the Argentine Leo Messi, according to a study by the IPAM marketing school Lusa.

The report, widely reported by local media, was developed under a scientific methodology called "Reputation Index Deportiva", whose goal is to assess the reputation, popularity and reputation of an athlete or coach.

Through the analysis of income, presence in the media, internet, record, social dimension and impact, Ronaldo gets a 77 on a scale of 0 to 100, while Messi sum by 74.

In the Network and in terms of outreach, the 'seven' of Real Madrid exceeds the '10 'Barca as it has, for example, most followers on the social network "Facebook" -42 million compared to 34 - and is cited more scientific articles (2,157 versus 1608).

The Portuguese also won the Argentine wage -13000000 to 12 - but lost in the total income, track record and media exposure.

Messi has rights of image you provide, annually, 21 million euros and accumulated 18 titles and three groups Ballon compared with 10 trophies and a distinction Ronaldo as the best footballer in the world.

For Daniel Sa, director of IPAM - Marketing School The Oporto and Aveiro and study author, "the advantage of Ronaldo to Messi is due mainly to the irreverent style, strong and aggressive Portuguese profile contrasts with the Argentine international off ".

Also, five years of Portuguese at Manchester United, who dispute the English championship, the most visible and profitable of all, give advantage.

IPAM himself earlier this year released a study that placed Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, as more valuable from the standpoint of marketing that of Barcelona, ​​Josep Guardiola.


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