Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who for Messi?

In speed or dribbling. Messi is almost unstoppable for the defense of Real Madrid . It's his favorite rival, who has broken more times. Only one of his thirteen goals were from set pieces. The rest came as a result of a play, a genius or a great pass. And by the way left hanging on 24 rivals.

Messi was found against Real Madrid in 2007 with a hat trick . The band then heeled, Miguel Torres neglected his marking on two occasions. In the third made ​​a number of escapism from Helguera , the very Torres , Gago and Sergio Ramos . This action also opened one of his signature scoring variants: the protection granted.

Helguera , Ramos (three times), Pepe , Cannavaro , Albiol , Khedira and Christian have succumbed to the insistence of Argentina. Fell to the floor in a last effort. The ultimate expression of defensive intensity.

As a legacy of quality are the goal he achieved in 2008 to overcome a Vaseline out of Iker Casillas and let Cannavaro driven into a pole, or the one who got in 2010 after beating Albiol with a control chest.

Houdini which closed its only triplet to date or was surprised at the Santiago Bernabeu with balloon conduits impossible. In the Champions League in 2011, was able to weave between Lass , Albiol , Marcelo and Ramos . On the last leg of the Supercopa repeated Dodge invented the impossible and return, which he did to Khedira to open and close the second play of the game as Barca.

Their main argument is the speed rush. Relegated to your bookmarks and to top it appears foreshortened to a touch. Fleeting and swift. Is Messi and his peculiar white catalog are some reasons for his three golden balls. His goals trivote question, man or positional markings. Posed the big question, who is able to stop him?


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