Thursday, January 19, 2012

Piqué: "The team players were exemplary"

Pique avoids any assessment Pepe stomp on Messi. They must be others who decide. "Some people act when they see these things. If they do well they should do something," he said of the Competition Committee. Barcelona defender believes the Portuguese was an isolated incident. "Players of the Spanish team had exemplary behavior," he said. [So what we live on]

"The general attitude of Real Madrid is exemplary. That a player makes the decision to do something wrong does not affect everyone. Players of the Spanish team had exemplary behavior.'s Overcome all. There will be problems," he said on the call for February national team.

Instead, it was more specific in comparing the behavior with which Pepe could have any player of Barcelona: "The whole world has seen the pictures. He should not give my opinion. If it were my partner does not know what to do. In our locker room no player able to do it. "

Piqué is valid for the plan chosen by Jose Mourinho to try to defeat them. "Madrid has a coach who does his best to deal with a party. The opinions of the press are fickle. Raisins to be the best to worst in 90 minutes," he said.

The center is not clear that Barca play style may do more harm to your computer. "Each approach offers different challenges. I can give examples like Getafe, who are locked behind and lost the game. Before the Madrid if we are attentive to counterattack half game won," he added.


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